Fall 2019 President's Message

Greetings Model Railroaders!

I wanted to get this out sooner, but there has been lots of other activity in my life, lately. Please accept my apologies for this. I hope you all have been busy with your modeling projects and/or layout construction during the pandemic. It would be really nice if some of you would be interested in sharing your efforts with the members. We are in desperate need for some articles in the next edition of the Switch Tower!  Please contact Geoff Anthony and/or Steve Russo if you have something that would be of interest to all the members.

To that end, It has become very clear that if we are to continue as a functioning organization, we will have to find better ways to do it, since we can’t meet in person. Our Fall Event scheduled for Saturday, October 24, 2020, will be held virtually as a Zoom meeting. Glenn Mitchell will be sending out the information regarding that. I will be following that up with more communication just prior to the meeting. I am assuming that some of you are familiar with Zoom meetings. I know that there are those that are not familiar with Zoom. We will have some time during the week prior to the Meeting for you to practice with the Zoom software. So stay tuned for that!

Our next election, normally scheduled for our annual meeting held in January, will be done via email this year. There will be more information about that coming soon. Please be patient with me on this. I will get the information to you!

We also have a requirement to provide one clinician and one layout tour, done virtually, to the NER for inclusion in the program for the 2020 NER Convention which will take place virtually from December 1 through December 4, 2020. In order to accomplish this, I am hoping that there is one of our members that owns or has access to a video camera that you would be willing to let us use for this purpose. We have a member that has volunteered the use of his layout for this purpose. All we need is a video camera and someone that can operate it. If anyone can help us with this, please contact me immediately. Thank you!

That’s it for now. I will be sending out separate messages for the Faulter Fund, the Zoom meeting procedures, and again for Election procedures in the coming weeks.

My best regards to you all,

Tage Erickson, Seacoast Division President