Seacoast Division NMRA 2020 Annual Meeting

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Westbrook Community Center, Westbrook, ME

President Tage Erickson welcomed the group at 10:35AM. 35 members were present, making a quorum.

The minutes of the January, 2019 meeting and the Quarterly Meetings were posted in the Switch Tower.

Tage asked for help staffing the NER display at the Springfield Show by any member who has time available. Admission is free for them, but the deadline may have passed. Anyone that is interested should contact him.

Treasurer's Report by Dave Kotsonis - this year the bank balance went from $5652.38 to $5238.60. 20 FOS Palmer Ice House kits were sold for a profit of $50.70.

Chip Faulter Fund - 63 people donated $7325 this year.

The Membership Report from Lou Champagne showed a rise of 6 members from 181 to 187. The goal of the Division is to get to 200 members in 2020. A plea was voiced to hear what clinics members wished and what their needs were. A mission of the Division is to provide knowledge that will help make each member’s layout better.

Derry Fun Night is in its 8th season thanks to the hard work of Bruce Robinson. The next event is 1/10/20.

The Maine Model RR Tour is chaired by Mike Pedersen. This year it was held on two separate days, which helped people see more layouts because of the large geographical area of Maine.

Chip Faulter Fund - This is being developed to promote model railroading in young people. Peter McKenney has been appointed Chairman by President Tage Erickson. The Fund is applying for 501(c)(3) status so that donations will be tax deductible. A committee has been formed of younger and older members to discuss their thoughts and ideas about how to get young people into the hobby. A conference call meeting will be held, and a plan will be developed, published, and approved.

Audit Committee - This years chairman is Owen Buck. He will be assisted by Carmen Anastase.

Nominating Committee - a chairman is needed. Directors hold office for 3 years. 3 directors are elected each year. The Nominating Committee also nominates the slate of officers.

This year there are 3 vacancies and 2 candidates: Bob Kotsonis and Tom Oxnard. Their biographies have appeared in the Switch Tower. Tage asked if there were any other nominations from the members. There were none. A motion was made to close the nominations, and have the Secretary cast a single vote for the candidates. That motion was approved.

At the earlier Board of Directors Meeting, Jack Lutz was appointed by Tage to fill Chip's seat on the Board. This appointment was approved by the Board of Directors.

Tage thanked Chuck Hastings for bringing some of his modules from the Southern Maine Model Railroad Club to the meeting, to allow members to run their locomotives.

The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 11:20 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tom Oxnard