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This large John Armstrong design was designed for Otis McGee and was built starting in 2002. It's built for operations and contains both CTC and TT&TO dispatching, depending on which part of the line you're on.

Helper service is cut in and out at Dunsmuir Yard, as needed, and trains run between California and Oregon. Join TSG for this look at a layout that is part operations and part layout tour. This is Otis McGee's Shasta Route!
Will your modeling stand up to being viewed at night…? In this tutorial Luke will take you through all the steps you can add to your modeling to make it look absolutely amazing whether the lights are on or OFF!

Adding lights is actually a very easy process, especially when using the Woodland Scenics Just Plug system to interconnect all the lighting. 

Adding lighting effects is just another way you can take your model building to the next level and if there is an amazing sunset nearby you will be amazed at how good your dioramas can look!
Explore the Burlington Northern Railroad: you'll learn about some of its history and its motive power and see it at work on three different HO scale layouts. If you love the BN, you'll love this month's issue of Trackside.

The Columbia, Cascade & Western - You'll see the BN interchange traffic in Oregon on this freelanced pike by the Willamette Model Railroad Club.

Jim Pendley's Western Pacific - You'll see the BN on the Highline and in the Feather River Canyon in California.

Brian Elchlepp's Woodinville Subdivision - You'll see the BN on this switching layout based in Washington.
Part 1 - In this video Josh will be installing the decoder board and attaching the wires. 
This is the first of a three part video series featuring the Wyoming Division Historical Society Model Railroad. The 3 video series follows a freight train out of Cheyenne, WY in the early 1950s to the end of its route past Ogden, UT. This first video follows this train to the Laramie yard where the Union Pacific Big Boy is swapped out for a faster Union Pacific Challenger locomotive for the next section of its journey.
The NMRAx is the virtual experience formed to bring some of the benefits of the organization live, right to your computer screens!

Last July NMRAx held the GatewayX, our first-ever NMRAx Virtual National Convention - a week-long event that ran every day during the week of July 12th to July 18th! This event, along with previous events, including some virtual Region Conventions can be found on the NMRA-X YouTube channel. Plans are to have at least one event a month on the last Saturday of the month throughout 2021.
What happens to a train when it finishes its run? Burr Stewart takes us through the steps of breaking down an arriving train, as seen from the perspective of a railfan on his HO scale Burlington Northern in the Seattle area set in 1973. He uses car cards and waybills to direct the switching moves, and shares a number of operating and philosophical tips about model railroad operations in switching yards.
In this video we combine two kits to make this waterfront structure for our model railroad layout. Jason then shows you step by step how to add barnacles to it. He also shows you how to make buoys using sculpey. Its another fun episode full of tips and techniques! 
It had been a couple months since Jimmy had updated the progress of his new model railroad layout that he is building. Today he is going over his track plan, laying down foam, and prepping for wiring, plus he will be running a train for fun!
Operations SIG Virtual Meet Up shows us two clinics:

Tab-On-Car Switching by Scott Sabo. Scott explains managing cars in a rail classification Yard.

Doug Akromas' Erie Lackawanna layout design discussion.
In this build series Dan creates a freelanced Nn3 narrow gauge 2-6-0 steam locomotive. While this model train doesn't follow a specific prototype, it is meant to look typical of old time narrow gauge steam motive power.

This engine is designed for a small N scale layout, so a short wheelbase, the ability to negotiate tight curves, and working couplers on both ends are major design goals. This locomotive has to be able to perform freight, passenger, and switching duties.

The finished model will have DCC control and LED lights.
In this episode at the modern image 'OO' gauge layout New Junction we move into the garden and set about finishing the 'O' gauge Garden Railway.
Welcome to the model railroad video magazine Railroad (W)rap! Join Lionel Strang, Tony Cook, and Ron as they discuss what is new, fascinating, and amazing in the world of model railroading.

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