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This is a replay of the first-ever TSG Live Model Railroading episode. In this program TSG is joined by Rob Spangler, who shares his approach toward creating a signature industry on his model railroad layout.

Rob has written articles for all the major Model Railroading publications, and has a gorgeous private layout that depicts a proto-lance interpretation of "Western Pacific's 8th Subdivision" in a 1000 square foot space at his home in Utah.

Rob's layout was built for operations, so he needs plenty of industries to create operational interest.

This is the first of what TSG hopes will be a regular series featuring modelers from anywhere in the world who wish to share their projects with the modeling community. If you'd like to have your project considered for the program, contact TSG at
Do you want to set up your model train locomotives to play nice with each other while running on DCC? In this episode Dan explains his techniques for speed matching, so that locomotives can run together harmoniously. Speed-matched locomotives are calibrated to run at the same speed at any given throttle setting. Dan uses N scale locomotives as examples in this one, but the techniques apply to other scales as well.

In addition to speed matching, Dan gives a brief rundown of DCC programming and takes a stab at explaining CV29. If you're into DCC model trains then you won't want to miss this one!
In this video, Joey starts working towards the building of a brand new HO Scale switching layout! He covers the purpose, theme, and track plan, along with some other details.
James reviews the 2021 Release of the Intermountain ET44AC Tier 4 Locomotives! ESU LOKSound/DCC!!
Master Model Railroader® Kathy Millatt shows us how she makes a backdrop. Backdrops make such a difference by cutting out the clutter and expanding the scene beyond the few square inches that are modeled.
The NMRA-X is the virtual experience formed to bring some of the benefits of the organization live, right to your computer screens!

Last July NMRAx held the GatewayX, our first-ever NMRAx Virtual National Convention - a week-long event that ran every day during the week of July 12th to July 18th! This event, along with previous events, including some virtual Region Conventions can be found on the NMRA-X YouTube channel. Plans are to have at least one event a month on the last Saturday of the month throughout 2021.
Jennifer E. Kirk conducts an interview with podcaster Ken Patterson from 'What's Neat This Week'.
Rich Blake gives us a clear guide on how to upgrade and customize die-cast/plastic model locomotives, using Bachmann On30 Shays and Climaxes as an example. He goes through his entire process, from planning, designing, drive train improvements, painting and weathering, setting up the DCC decoders, and documenting the steps. He also takes questions from the audience where he gives some useful tips on how he uses airbrushes and uses epoxy to improve drive train integrity. If you own any Bachmann On30 locomotives, you don't want to miss this presentation!
How to build a model railroad scenery base for your train layout in any scale using plaster and cardboard. On a permanent layout, large scenic forms like mountains can be built inexpensively with a support structure of cardboard and plaster-soaked shop towels. He shows you how step-by-step in this video.
We see how Neil Rogers makes the rock work on his Layout High Peak Falls and some landscape details.
Bob Martin shows us how to repower an Athearn Blue Box Locomotive with a Genesis motor.
I ALMOST GAVE UP!: The most COMPLICATED project the presenter says he has ever done! He creates a diorama and highlights it with lighting effects using an Arduino.
How to Airbrush for beginners, a guide. Ollie teaches you everything you need to know about using an airbrush. Whether painting Warhammer 40k miniatures, Cosplay outfits, model trains, or just making art, Ollie runs you through a step-by-step guide on the best ways to clean, use, and effectively paint with this tool.
The NMRA Partnership Program is a member benefit that truly has a tangible payback. We've partnered with model railroad manufacturers of all sizes, giving them exposure on our website in return for receiving generous discounts for NMRA members all year long. Some provide members with special codes, others prefer a phone or email order, but all appreciate the additional business from our members. And of course, our members appreciate the extra savings...savings that can actually pay the cost of NMRA membership! Be sure to check back often as new Partners are being added all the time.  
The Division Business Car column appears in even-numbered months in NMRA Magazine. It's loaded with great modeling ideas, plus useful information that can help make your Division, Region or 100% NMRA Club even better. The information comes from articles published in Region, Division, and club newsletters. The best of these articles are posted on the NMRA website. You can read the entire archive, from as far back as 2011 right up to the latest posting, by clicking here.
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