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Welcome to another episode of Train Talk! In this video, Mike will begin to identify different types of freight locomotives. Let's start off by looking at the basic series of locomotives that were built by EMD and GE that are still working for major freight railroads. First, we'll learn about the different EMD locomotives and then we'll look at those built by GE. To finish off, we will discuss some key features that can be used for identifying some of the newest freight locomotives.
James reviews Broadway Limited's new N Scale EMD SD70ACe with Paragon 3 DCC and Sound! 
This was a video clinic presentation in the North Central Region of the NMRA. In this clinic Ray Persing introduces us to 3D printing for model railroaders. This is another tool to be added to the modelers toolbox.

(Please forgive the Zoom master for failing to start recording until 2 or 3 minutes into Ray's clinic.)
Another clinic from the North Central Region in which NMRA Central District Director Bill Neale first talks about the NMRA's leadership and his role in it. He then starts his clinic and walks us through tips and techniques he uses for weathering 1920s-1950s rolling stock.
An April 2021 layout update of the Seaboard Central model railroad layout.

One thing that can destroy the illusion we strive for on our model railroads is backdrops that come together with butt joints in the corners. Curved backdrops on the other hand help maintain the illusion of a blue sky or landscapes that recede into the distance. In this video, Larry Puckett explains how he does that on the Piedmont Southern and then shows you how to install a curved backdrop on the modular layout he has been building for several months.
Moving perishable commodities such as fruits and vegetables takes special expertise and equipment. In this video, AC takes a look at how some of the most time-sensitive trains that move in America.
Hello everyone, in this video, we're going to replicate some Steel Rebar Loads that go perfectly with the newly released ScaleTrains Finger Rack Flat Cars. Commercially Available Kits have been sold out for a while so we're going to build these ourselves for about $6 per load.
The presenter went to go check out the museum that the San Antonio Model Railroad Association runs in Live Oak, Texas. It was an extremely nice facility. The members there are first-rate ambassadors of this great hobby we call model railroading!
New HO Scale locomotives and models, Model Showcase, and more! In this video James looks at the following Locomotives and Models: 
  • Athearn RTR SD40
  • Athearn Genesis Veranda Turbine 
  • Athearn Genesis SD70ACU
  • Bachmann SC-44 Charger
  • Rapido Bombardier Commuter Cars
There are a ton of products out there to help you create awesome concrete roads for your model railroad layout. A lot of them are great and they end up looking really nice, but they can take a while and some of the products can be a little pricey. 

Using some of the tips that Wiley had picked up from around the model railroading world, along with some of his own added touch, he will show you how he is making the concrete roads on the layout with just some simple tools, insulation foam, acrylic paints, and some weathering chalks. 
In this video Chris Hartnett, Structural Engineer, and Meyer Borgman Johnson, Structural Design Engineer, both from Minneapolis, MN talk about Concrete Grain Elevators, their early designs, construction, successes, and failures. The main objective of this session is to present a broad perspective on the important issues related to historical structures.
The NMRA Partnership Program is a member benefit that truly has a tangible payback. We've partnered with model railroad manufacturers of all sizes, giving them exposure on our website in return for receiving generous discounts for NMRA members all year long. Some provide members with special codes, others prefer a phone or email order, but all appreciate the additional business from our members. And of course, our members appreciate the extra savings...savings that can actually pay the cost of NMRA membership! Be sure to check back often as new Partners are being added all the time.  

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