At the request of Chip Faulter’s family, the Seacoast Division NMRA has created a fund in Chip’s name for the purpose of assisting youngsters in enjoying the World’s Greatest Hobby.  President Erickson has asked me to form a committee of interested members to consider the various ways to accomplish this purpose and make a proposal to the Board of Directors for its consideration and approval.  I invite anyone who has an interest in participating in this organizing process, or knows of another person who should be recruited by the committee, to contact me by phone (207-776-2033) or by email (). 


Chip was a dear friend of mine and I am honored to be able to play a part in organizing this project to keep his memory alive.  Chip and many of us in the division often talked about the importance of attracting younger modelers into our hobby.  Only in a few instances did action ensue. For instance, Bill Gaver initiated a very popular BSA Railroading Merit Badge program in New Hampshire a few years ago. Now is our latest, greatest opportunity to make a difference. 


For those who worry that volunteering for this committee will automatically result in their being tasked with a long-term obligation, please rest assured that our task will be limited.   We will identify ways in which the Chip Faulter Fund can support youth enjoying the hobby.  For example, supporting the Boy Scouts’ Railroading merit badge program or the Youth in Model Railroad Organization may be practical avenues for part or all of the program.  Ideally, the program will involve cooperating with other existing organizations that serve youth.  Once the Board makes its final determination on how to proceed, however, it will be up to others to implement the program. 


I understand that substantial amounts of money have already been received by the division to fund this program.  I would like to start our deliberations by mid-January using a free conference calling service and hopefully conclude our work in time to issue our recommendations to the Board in advance of its meeting in April. Please join in this worthwhile endeavor in Chip’s memory as well as to enhance the future of our wonderful hobby.