Download PDF: Seacoast Division BOD Minutes 10-24-2021  



Meeting Report - Meeting began at 10:12 am


  1. Presidents Welcome - Directors Lutz, Oxnard, Erickson, Brown, Petersen, Mitchell, and Nominating Committee Chairman Campbell were present.


  1. Standard Reports -


    1. President - Tage gave a brief summary of the recent NER Convention.


    1. Secretary - The 9/02/2021 BOD Meeting minutes were approved. Mike Petersen made the motion and was seconded by Tom Oxnard. Unanimous approval.


    1. Treasurer - Treasurer reported a balance of $5,504.46 in the Division account and $10,662.70 in the Faulter Fund account.


    1. The Switch Tower Editor - Not present, no report.


    1. Membership - Not present, no report.


    1. Webmaster - Not present, no report. A discussion took place about adding the BOD members to the “ABOUT US” “CONTACTS” page. This should be done only by using the alias email addresses provided by the NER webmaster.


    1. AP - No recent AP certificates or activity to report. Tom will have some time at the Fall Event to acknowledge those Achievement Program Certificates that have been earned by our members in then past 2 years.


    1. Clinic Coordinator - Clinic data base making good progress with over 120 clinics, so far.


    1. Nominating Committee - All information from the 4 BOD candidates has been received. This information will be sent to the Webmaster for posting on the Division website. The conduct of the election will be a major topic discussed at the next BOD meeting.


    1. Activities - Fall Event Preparations - Meeting venue to be opened by 0900 on Saturday. Glenn will call in at 0930 to check Zoom connections. The BOD members voted to require all members who attend the Event to be fully vaccinated and to wear masks at all times in the building, unless addressing the group as a whole. These requirements were unanimously approved.


    1. NER Mill City 21 Convention Report - Tage gave a brief report, summarizing his personal activities at the convention. He also discussed the modeling awards that were earned by Division Member Tom Oxnard MMR.


  1. Old Business


    1. 2021 Train Show Support Schedule - Tage reported that he will be attending and setting up a Division display at the EMMRC Train Show in Brewer, ME on November 20, 2021.


    1. Chip Faulter Fund


      1. Fund Update - $10,662.70

      2. Operating Committee Status - Tage reported that the committee approved a grant of $100.00 to the grandson of a Seacoast Division member, for the purchase of a digital controller that will be used to allow his friends to operate on his layout. This award is totally in keeping with the intent of the Faulter Fund. Tage will speak further to the members at the Fall Event and will devote some time in his next President’s Message regarding the details.


    1. Division money making possibilities


      1. Donation jar/basket at quarterly events - There will be a donation jar at the Fall Event which will be provided by the Treasurer.

      2. Website donations page - is still an event that is in progress. A PayPal account has been set up, but there are some issues with our bank that have to be resolved.

      3. Silent Auction at the Winter Event - Mike Petersen volunteered to run the Silent Auction. A set of rules will have to be set up and Mike was asked to prepare an announcement and then have prospective donors submit their items to him, so that a list can be sent to all the members ahead of time.


    1. Future in-person events/covid19 requirements


      1. Venues update for 2022 Winter Event and beyond - The Westbrook Community Center will support our Winter Event, which will take place on Saturday, January 15, 2022, with a back up weather day of January 22, 2022. A fee of $200.00 will be required. Dates and locations for the Quarterly Events for the rest of 2022 are being researched by Glenn Mitchell.

      2. Live streaming with Zoom - It was mentioned that there may be some glitches that come up during the Fall Event. We need to ask all members to be patient with us as we are doing this for the first time.

      3. Fall Event Agenda - Glenn has sent out the agenda to all BOD members and officers.


  1. New Business


    1. 2022 Nominations and Elections - There are 4 candidates for 3 BOD positions. The Board will focus on setting up the voting procedures at the next BOD meeting.


    1. New Event coordinators for future events - Tage mentioned that it would be really nice if there would be some other members that would step up and run a meeting. It is not difficult and there are plenty of people around to help the effort. It’s a great way to get to know our members!


  1. Next BOD meeting date - November 18, 2021 10:00 am


  1. Future Dates - 11/18/21, 1/6/22


  1. Adjournment - 11:42 am


Bod Minutes 09-02-2021.pdf



Seacoast Division NMRA
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, July 13th 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Commencing: 10:00 am

Participants: T. Erickson, N. LeMay, J. Lutz, D. Kotsonis, B. Kotsonis, J. Ehlen,
B. Campbell, M. Pedersen, G. Mitchell, L. Champagne, T. Oxnard

Opening Remarks: Tage announced that he will not seek another term as division president or as a B.O.D. member. Tage would like to be working more closely with the administration of the Chip Faulter Fund once his term in office ends in January 2022.

Agenda: A motion was made to accept today’s agenda by Jay Ehlen, seconded by Glenn Mitchell. The motion passed.

Reports: Secretary:
No report. A motion was made to accept the minutes of our last B.O.D. meeting by Jay Ehlen, seconded by Glenn Mitchell. The motion passed.

Dave Kotsonis reported a balance in the Treasury of $5,466.54. A copy of the most recent treasurers report is attached.
A note was made that a yearly audit is due with more information to follow.

Switch Tower: No Report

Membership: Lou mentioned that the Seacoast Div. has a total of 175 members.

Webmaster: Steve Russo has indicated he would like to step down from this position. Tage has a replacement in mind and will pursue conversations with him in the immediate future.

A.P. Program: Tom reported that John McHugh has been working on car- building as he seeks another AP certificate. Tom also reviewed the requirements for the AP “Association Volunteer” and “Association Official.”

Convention Committee: No Report

Activities Committee: Glenn Mitchell reported that the Quarterly Summer Division Event is well in hand. Two clinics and one tour is planned. A “Practice Session” is planned for this coming Thursday evening for any/all members wanting to get a better grip on using the Zoom.

Regarding the “Fall Event,” Glenn will continue discussions with Mike Graham regarding town requirements for use of the Fire House meeting room.

As in past years, the upcoming 2022 “Winter Event” is planned to be held in Westbrook, Maine. This is not finalized yet. Details forthcoming. Tage is working this.

Seacoast Div. will have a table at the Concord Model R.R. show, volunteers are needed to help man the table.

Nominations Committee: No Report

Old Business: Due to its overwhelming success the B.O.D will continue to use the Zoom App for meetings.

Chip Faulter Fund: Dave Kotsonis announced the sale of the NCE Starter Set. Bob Kotsonis did all the ‘leg-work’ and paid the eBay fee out his own pocket. The fund has $10,762.41. Kudos from all to Bob for his efforts.

New Business:
Our Fall Event will be held in-person on October 23, 2021. Mike Grahame and Glenn Mitchell are having discussions regarding town requirements. The Seacoast Division will be observing all State and local pandemic requirements.

Fund Raising: Mike Pedersen made a motion to place a “Donations Jar” in a conspicuous location at future in-person events. Jay Ehlen seconded the motion. Vote was taken, motion passed. Also, a “White Elephant' table with the proceeds going to the division and a silent auction were discussed.

A website donations page with a direct link to PayPal was discussed and will be pursued.

Volunteers are requested to step forward to perform a variety of tasks:

1. Quarterly Event Coordinator. Glenn Mitchell has been doing this task for several years now, and it is time to train some other members to assist Glenn and eventually take over this task. We don’t need one person to do this all the time. We would like to have several members step up and consider doing this periodically.

2. A discussion was held about giving the Quarterly Event Coordinator some help by establishing the position of a “Clinic Coordinator.” Jack Lutz has graciously volunteered to help establish a list of clinics and presentations that have been given by members of the Seacoast Division in years past. Jack will be contacting past clinicians and soliciting help and possible upgrades to previous presentations. Thanks to Jack for taking on this responsibility.

Please step up and help in any fashion that you can.

A request was made by Nelson LeMay to change the BOD meeting day from Tuesday to Thursdays. The Board members were able to agree to this request. Therefore, our next B.O.D. meeting will be Thursday, September 2nd.

The NER website has made some changes. Please take a look at it to familiarize yourself with the improvements. Should you encounter any issues with the site, please report them to the NER webmaster, David Abrames, directly. His contact information is located on the back of the NER magazine, the Coupler.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 am.

















Bod Minutes 05-18-2021.pdf
Seacoast Division NMRA
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, May 18th, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Commencing: 10:00 am

Participants: T. Erickson, N. LeMay, J. Lutz, D. Kotsonis, B. Kotsonis, J. Ehlen,
B. Campbell, M. Pedersen, G. Mitchell, Ralph Brown

Opening Remarks: Tage reported that fraudulent e-Mails have been sent out to some Board members. He reminded us that he has two e-Mail accounts and any transmissions from an account other than those is false.

Agenda: A motion was made to accept today’s agenda by Jay Ehlen, seconded by Dave Kotsonis The motion passed.

Reports: Secretary:
No report. A motion was made by Mike Pedersen to accept the minutes of the previous BOD meeting held on 4/6/2021. The motion was seconded by Dave Kotsonis. The motion passed.

Dave Kotsonis reported a balance in the Treasury of $5,466.54. A copy of the May 2021 financial statement is attached to the end of the B.O.D. meeting minutes.
Dave reported a balance of $10,612.12 in the Chip Faulter Fund.

Switch Tower: No Report

Membership: The NER provided a list of 10 names with email addresses that require updating. This list will be sent to the B.O.D. members. The plan is to have the Board members review the names and contact them if any B.O.D. members know these individuals, and then report back to Tage with any changes.

Webmaster: Steve sent an e-Mail indicating that all is well on our site.

A.P. Program: No Report

Convention Committee: No Report

Nominations Committee: No Report

NER Board Meeting: Tage indicated that an NER Superintendents meeting was held on May 21, 2021. The issues discussed were related to other Divisions that were preparing to open up for in-person meetings and how some Divisions were dealing with elections during the pandemic.

Old Business:

For the foreseeable future, the Seacoast BOD will continue to meet via Zoom.

Regarding the Summer Event, Jay Ehlen is working on a presentation. Bob Kotsonis and Dave Kotsonis will present a layout tour of Dave’s layout.

Future train shows are still on the wane due to the pandemic.

Chip Faulter Fund:
Dave Kotsonis will place the NCE Starter Set that was received by the Fund, up for sale on e-Bay for $150.00. The fund has $10,612.12.

New Business:

Our Fall Event will be held in-person on October 23, 2021. Mike Grahame has been contacted and will check with the Stratham Fire House regarding the Town of Stratham and Fire House requirements that will be necessary, in order to do an in-person event. The Seacoast Division will be observing all State and local pandemic requirements.

A discussion of the importance of vaccinations was had by the Board members.

The Seacoast Div. will wait and observe the requirements of Covid-19 protocols before committing to a live event.

The possibility of streaming/recording a live event for distribution to those not able to attend was discussed. Bob Kotsonis will look into the possibility of making this happen.

The Board discussed the topic of fund raising. The conversation was robust and filled with ideas. The topic will be revisited at the next Board meeting. Once some decisions have been made, Tage will publish a memo to all the members with explanations. Dave Kotsonis submitted a report that details expenses and income for Seacoast Div. dating back to November of 2018. This report will be a good foundation of information for future fund raising efforts.

The next B.O.D. Meeting (via Zoom) will be on July 13th, 2021 at 10:00 am.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.


3/26/21 3/5/21
Check #
Beginning Balance Larry Cannon
Withdrawals Deposits
$5,501.54 $5,466.54
$5,466.54 $5,466.54
Respectfully Submitted
David B Kotsonis
SDNMRA Treasurer
BALANCE $10,612.12
Seacoast Division of the NMRA
Financial Statement for May 18, 2021