Seacoast Division NMRA Board of Directors' Meeting

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Rochester Community Center


Present: Erich Whitney, Tom Oxnard, Glenn Mitchell, Chip Faulter, Larry Cannon, Ralph Brown, Dave Sias, Tage Erickson, Paul Lessard

The meeting was called to order at 1:41 PM


  1. Minutes of the Jan 14, 2017 BOD meeting are posted on the website. Chip made a motion to accept the minutes without reading. Motion was passed.
  2. Standard Reports

            a. Treasurers report- Doug posted the report by email. Larry enquired about a $50.11 expense which was for Director name tags. Larry moved to accept the Treasurer's report. Motion passed.

            b. Editor report- Geoff Anthony has published the Switch Tower on the website.

            c. Membership- Dave submitted his report by email, with 2 more members than last quarter. The outreach attempt has had very few responses, with many not being contacted. Chip made a motion to accept the report. Motion passed.

            d. Webmaster- Ed Hinton posted a report. He has been rebuilding the website and moving the NER account to SiteGround as our new hosting company. The infrastructure is now in place for future projects such as website updates, and direct posting to the Switch Tower. Jack Lutz has taken over the Event Calender posting.

            e. AP Report- posted in the Switch Tower. Several members are working on certificates.

            f. President's report- Erich will be asking Bruce for a report on Derry Fun Night. Bruce says that he has $134 in the treasury, that the meetings average 15 people per month, that some are NMRA members but that DFN is not producing new members.

            James has sent out an NER report and Chip wrote an NER report in the latest Switch Tower. There is an NER Board meeting on 5/21/17. The Coupler mailing problem was mentioned.  The Lakeshore Division in western NY is still intending to move to the NER, and that trnsfer is in progress. There is discussion about making the NER Delegates the Division Superintendents or Presidents.

            Erich asked for a Nominating Committee for this year; Larry and Tom have volunteered. Directors who are finishing their terms in Jan 2018 are Chip Faulter, Ralph Brown and Glenn Mitchell.

            There was discussion of the inactivity of the Modular Group. Larry made a motion to have the Seacoast Division stop promoting the Modular group unless members show more interest. The motion passed.

  1. Old Business

a. Discussion of tasks and responsibilities initially created by Peter McKenney. Chip volunteered to review the list to see what is completed and what is still relevant. He will discuss this with the activity chairs and report back to us.

b. BOD Financial Review- This audit has not been completed for 2015 and 2016. Chip and Larry who have done this before will review the accounts with Doug Hartwell before the July 17 meeting.

c. Operations Session in Meredith on May 6. Dave continues to advertise for participants. If not enough members sign up from the Seacoast Div by Easter, he will offer spots to the HUB Division.

d. Maine Model RR Tour- will be one day 9/16/17. There will be 6-7 layouts open from Brunswick to Rockland.

  1. New Business

Review of the 2014 Strategic Plan- There were several members who discussed this topic by email before the meeting. All agreed that a strong point of the Seacoast Division was the quarterly meetings and presentations, as witnessed by the growing attendance and involvement of the members. Under “Vision” it was recommended that we remove the date “2017”. With limited time and given the importance of the subject, it was agreed that further discussion of the topic was needed perhaps by a telecom meeting dedicated to the subject.

  1. Open Discussion- Ralph discussed his inquiry into new January meeting sites. Possibilities include the Westbrook HS, and the Maine Girls Academy. No decision yet.

The Fall meeting is in Stratham on Oct 14,2017. Mike Graham will confirm the space.


Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM


Respectfully Submitted,

Tom Oxnard