Seacoast Division NMRA BOD minutes Oct 2017


Seacoast Division NMRA Board of Directors' Meeting

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Stratham, NH Firehouse


Present: Erich Whitney, Tom Oxnard, Dave Kotsonis, Tage Erickson, James Van Bokelen, Glenn Mitchell, Dave Sias, Ralph Brown


The meeting was called to order at 8:30AM.


  1. Erich welcomed the board to the meeting. A quorum was present.
  2. Standard Reports

a. Secretary Report- A motion was made by Tom to accept Chip's minutes from the July 15, 2017 meeting and dispense with the reading, second by Larry. Motion passed.


b. Treasurer- Doug Hartwell is stepping down as treasurer, and Dave Kotsonis is assuming that office. There was discussion about the Division checking account, the ID number and who can sign. Dave does not have that information. Currently the account is at the Androscoggin Bank. Larry will go there and get the EIN#. After this a decision will be made as to where the checking account should be: continue to stay where it is in Maine, or move to a new bank near Dave in New Hampshire.

Third Quarter Treasurer Report- Income is $178.46; Expenditures are $266.88; with Cash ending at $5871.61. Motion by Ralph to accept, second by Erich, The motion passed.


c. Switch Tower- Geoff was not present. Erich said that there was one comment about the format leaving white space. Those present felt the format was good, the pictures were good, and that the 2 columns were good, whether on the large screen computer or the small screen phone. We all felt that Geoff was doing a great job, but want to hear other feedback. Geoff needs more content. A summary of the Fall Convention in Newport will go in the next issue.


            d. Membership- Dave says the current membership is 184. This is staying steady with new

       members offsetting any attrition. Dave does not have information about how many Railpass members continue their membership.

            e. Webmaster- Steve Russo has been working on the email forwarding fix, the website updates, and adding events to the calender.


            f. AP- In the past one year New Hampshire has 3 new AP certificates, and Maine has 2 AP and 3 Golden Spike awards.


            g. NER- James stated that at their last Board meeting the Quebec (Alouette) Division has a problem with the different languages. There is a French speaking group in Quebec, but this does not meet with the English speaking group in Montreal. The NER is trying to decide if the Board of Directors should be the Division Presidents instead of separate Directors. The term of the Directors is changing from 3 years to 4 years. The western New York Division change to the NER is proceeding.


            h. President- Erich says his report is posted in the Switch Tower.


            i  Nominating Committee- Larry states that the 3 Directors whose terms are ending in January have agreed to run again. A biography will be needed for the next Switch Tower. Erich will announce this. Others wishing to run can do so at the January meeting.


  1. Old Business-

a. BOD Financial Review- Transaction histories for the past year are needed with invoices paid out to compare to checks. Dave is transitioning to Treasurer and the checking account still has to be settled.

            b. Website- Our Facebook account has rare activity, and comes to Erich. Rick Mills has a lot of activity on his Facebook site. The Dropbox account is old and does not seem to be working. Where do we want to focus our efforts. No decision was made.


  1. New Business

a. Maine Model RR Tour- This was tabled because Chip was not present. The Tour was in a smaller geographic area and went well. A wrap up meeting is scheduled for Oct 17.

b. Railpass- The NMRA is raising the price from $9.95 for 6 months to $19.95 for 9 months on Jan 1, 2018. We give this to speakers and guests. Dave said that after his clinic he would have joined anyways without the gift. Larry and Dave S. felt it was still a good value to give it to guests who are interested. Larry made a motion to share the cost: have the guest pay $10, and the Seacoast Division pay $9.95. Tom seconded. The motion passed.

c. Train Show Membership Recruiting-  Bruce Robinson discussed his experience recruiting new members at train shows by attracting people with conversation, having an attractive colorful display and blue table cloth, handing out literature and Railpasses with the Seacoast Division logo on it, and actively marketing. He also had some 1 foot square modules there that were popular.

d. NER Convention- There is talk of a joint convention with the Green Mountain Division in White River Junction (Glory Days). Currently the Newport convention enrollment is low. But the Operating Sessions are full. Erich will put out an e-blast.

2018 convention- in Morristown NJ, September

2019 convention- Syracuse/ Liverpool, NY.

When are we due!


  1. Open Discussion- Tage says that the Spring Meeting site in Rochester is not settled. It could be the usual place in March or a different place in April.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:52AM.


Respectfully submitted, Tom Oxnard

Oct 16, 2017