BOD Minutes July 2017



Seacoast Division NMRA Board of Directors’ Meeting

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Great Falls Model Railroad Club

Auburn, ME



President Erich Whitney called the meeting to order at 8:27 am.


Present at the meeting were President Erich Whitney and Directors Paul Lessard, Larry Cannon, Dave Sias, Glenn Mitchell, Ralph Brown, Tage Erickson, Larry Cannon and Chip Faulter.  Director Tom Oxnard was excused from the meeting.  Steve Russo and Geoff Anthony were also present at the meeting.


1. President Whitney stated that the agenda would be as previously distributed to the BOD via e-mail. He called for any other proposed changes to the agenda.  There were no proposed changes.  The agenda is included in these minutes as Attachment #1.


2. President Whitney then called for the standard reports:

  1. Secretary’s Report, Approval of the 4/8/17 BOD meeting minutes: Director Cannon moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and accept the version as circulated by the Secretary.  The motion was seconded by Director Brown and was passed by unanimous vote.
  2. Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer Hartwell was not present and provided no advance report.  Further, President Whitney stated he understood (not confirmed) that Treasurer Hartwell was moving to Florida as a permanent resident and that a new treasurer may need to be found.  President Whitney stated he would contact Treasurer Hartwell and discuss the situation. The lack of audit for the 2015, and now 2016, Seacoast Division NMRA financial records remains an open issue.  President Whitney will discuss with Treasurer Hartwell when he contacts him.  Directors Faulter and Cannon offered to perform the audit if the review documents could be provided.
  3. Editor’s Report: Editor Anthony stated the July 2017 edition of The Switch Tower had been posted on the Seacoast Division website.  He also stated he was essentially out of material for future editions.  Apparently no one in the Seacoast Division NMRA has admin rights to our “Dropbox”.  President Whitney stated he would look into using Google docs as a replacement for the Dropbox.
  4. Membership Committee report: Director/Membership Committee Chair Sias provided an advance copy of the Membership Committee Report to the BOD via e-mail, and it is included in these minutes as Attachment #2.  Chair Sias noted that there were two “new” members although the names are familiar and may be “re-railers”.  Chair Sias was going to research.  There was general discussion on distribution of the Seacoast Division NMRA roster.  President Whitney confirmed which members of the BOD need what view to accomplish their divisional responsibilities.
  5. Webmaster report: There was no report.  President Whitney noted that Webmaster Ed Hinton had resigned do to work commitments.  Steve Russo has agreed to help with the website does not want complete responsibility.  All Directors need to canvas for a new webmaster.
  6. AP Report: Director/AP Co-Chair Cannon noted that the AP Report was included in the July 2017 edition of The Switch Tower.
  7. NER Report: NER Secretary Faulter stated that the NER Webmaster position vacated by Ed Hinton was going to be filled by David Abrames from the Nutmeg Division.  Also, the NYS Area Director position vacated by Bill Brown was going to be filled by Ed O’Rourke from the CNY Division.
  8. President’s Report: President Whitney stated that his president’s report was The President’s Lantern included in the July 2017 edition of The Switch Tower.
  9. Nominating Committee Report: The current Directors (Faulter, Brown and Mitchell) whose terms end in Jan 2018 have agreed to run again.  There was discussion regarding President Whitney running for another term as President.  He is concerned about having the time to do the job right.  Further discussion is required.


3.Old Business:

  1. BOD financial review…. See the Treasurer’s Report above.
  2. Fun Operation Session Meredith wrap up… there were only about 8 operators but all had a great time. Director Sias intends to host another session next May.

 4.New Business:

  1. The Maine Model Railroad Tour
    1. Larry Cannon moved that the Seacoast Division NMRA reimburse peter McKenney for up to $300 for out of pocket expenses related to the Maine Model Railroad Tour. The motion was seconded by Director Brown and approved by unanimous vote.
    2. Director Faulter stated that Peter McKenney did not intend to be the Maine Model Railroad Tour coordinator after this year’s tour. Further, he stated that the seacoast Division NMRA had been the primary sponsor of the tour but without a coordinator, the tour would not continue.  Director Faulter requested the BOD consider creating a Maine Model Railroad Coordinator position as an appointed Seacoast Division NMRA position.  This issue to be discussed further at the fall BOD meeting.
  2. President Whitney initiated a discussion on Seacoast Division NMRA social media applications. We have a website which has been problematic (and costly) to maintain not to mention hard to keep a webmaster on staff.  We have a “closed” Facebook page which gets limited use.  The question is where we should our effort going forward.  At a minimum, President Whitney stated he was going to open the Facebook page to the public.  The issue was tabled for further discussion at future meetings.
  3. President Whitney stated that the RailRun coordinators were opening up the invitation list for their event normally held in early April. If anyone is interested, or knows someone how might be interested, they should contact President Whitney.
  4. Director Brown continues to look for an alternate venue for the January event. Catherine McCauley HS looks to have several rooms that would work with unlimited parking … but they want $350 to rent the room and there may be a handicap access issue if we use the facility on the second floor.  The search will continue.
  5. Director Brown is also the Seacoast Division representative to the NER Convention Committee. He stated that he is continuing to get pressure for the Seacoast Division NMRA to take on a convention in 2021 or 22.  The BOD stated that they are not prepared to take on a convention at this point.

 5.President Whitney called for adjournment at 9:45 am. Director Faulter moved for adjournment.  The motion was seconded by Director Brown and passed by unanimous vote.




Attachment #1




Seacoast Division NMRA Board of Directors’ Meeting

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Great Falls Model Railroad Club

144 Mill Street, Auburn, ME



We have moved this BOD meeting to 8:30AM (prior to the 10AM member meeting).


  1. Welcome and determination of a quorum
  2. Standard reports (Any and all basic reports to be distributed prior to the meeting via emails in time for all Directors to reflect on them adequately and be prepared for discussions, action planning, and possible decisions during the meeting.)
    1. Secretary, Approval of the April 8, 2017 BOD meeting minutes e-mailed to the BOD on July 2, 2017 by Tom
    2. Treasurer, Doug
    3. The Switch Tower Editor, Geoff
    4. Membership, Dave
    5. Webmaster, Steve
    6. AP, Tom and Larry
    7. NER, James or Chip
    8. President, Erich
  3. Old Business
    1. BOD Financial Review (pending follow up with Doug on this)
    2. Seacoast Fun Operations Session in Meredith summary (Dave)
  4. New Business
    1. Maine Model Railroad Tour (Chip)
  1. Approval of $300 expenditure to support the tour this year
  2. Appointment of a Committee Chair to coordinate future tours
    1. Discuss website, Facebook, email, dropbox and where we want to focus our efforts (Erich lead)
  1. Open discussion
  2. Adjournment (deadline of 9:45 a.m.)




Attachment #2



Seacoast Division Membership Report

Second Quarter 2017



There is limited information available regarding activity in the second quarter of 2017.


There are two new members:


George Carhart, Portland, ME

Stuart Goodwin, Cumberland, ME


Without a complete listing from the National office the number of members dropped is not available and so the true number of current members is not known.  However, it likely is less than the total of 186 reported for the first quarter.


Updated information will be made available as it is known.



Report submitted by Dave Sias, July 14, 2017.