Seacoast Division NMRA Board of Directors' Meeting

Saturday, January 6, 2018

First Congregational Church, S Portland, Maine


Present: Erich Whitney, Tom Oxnard, Chip Faulter, Dave Kotsonis, Tage Erickson, Paul Lessard, Glenn Mitchell, Larry Cannon, Ralph Brown, James Van Bokkelen


The meeting was called to order at 2:02 PM.


  1. The minutes of the October 14, 2017 BOD meeting in Stratham were posted in the Switch Tower. Erich made a motion to accept these, seconded. The motion passed.
  2. President's Report- This was given today by Erich at the Annual Meeting.
  3. Election of President and Vice President- Chip is running for President and Tage is running for VP. This slate is confirmed by a unanimous vote.


Post Election Meeting

  1. New President's Report- Chip thanked the Directors and said that new members and ideas are good to have and thanked Erich for his service. He would like to serve a couple of years and then allow others to step up.

The Quarterly events are the most important things we do. The attendance has steadily grown to 30 to 40 at some meetings. It would be great to have more publicity for our meetings and clinics. Our 4 meetings at different locations allows 50% of our membership to attend a meeting.

He mentioned the success of the DFN.

Maine Layout Tour- He mentioned that Mike Peterson and Stan Moody will be assuming responsibility for it. A date in September is to be determined.

NER Convention- Soon it will be the Seacoast Division's turn to host this. Chip has asked Ralph to chair a committee to start thinking about it. Other committee members will be Larry Cannon, Erich Whitney, Rich Breton, and Tage Erickson.

A motion was made to approve the report, seconded. The motion passed.


  1. Standard Reports
  2. Secretary- Approved above


  1. Treasurer- Dave had posted his report on line. He said that a second payment from the NER had not been sent yet. Erich made a motion to accept the report, seconded. The motion was passed.


  1. Editor- The Switch Tower has just been published, and all agreed that Geoff did a great job. He still needs articles and material, and he needs help in putting the ST together.


  1. Membership- Chip has appointed Lou Champagne to be the coordinator.


  1. Webmaster- Steve Russo has sent his report on line. He also needs backup.


  1. AP- The report is posted in the Switch Tower. It was announced at the NER Convention that the Seacoast Division had the highest number of awards given in 2017.


  1. NER-  There is a BOD meeting scheduled for Jan 7, 2018. President John Doehring is discussing how the NER governance should be structured. The NER's role has been to help Divisions produce a convention and to help fund their programs.


  1. DFN- Bruce Robinson has submitted a 2017 year- end report for the Derry Fun Night. Bruce says attendance is 10-19 per meeting. He now has $118 in his account.


A motion was made to accept all reports, seconded. The motion passed.


  1. Appointed Positions nominated by new President Chip Faulter-

Secretary- Rick Mills

Treasurer- Dave Kotsonis

Membership- Lou Champagne

Webmaster- Steve Russo

AP Chair NH- Tom Oxnard

AP Chair Maine- Larry Cannon

Editor- Geoff Anthony

Derry Fun Night Coordinator- Bruce Robinson

Activities Coordinator Maine- Tage Erickson

Activities Coordinator NH Glenn Mitchell


Motion to accept these candidates, seconded. Motion passed.


  1. Old Business-
  2. Quarterly Meetings-

     Spring- April 7, 2018 in Rochester, Governor's Inn, 78 Wakefield St, Chris Oliver

     Summer- Auburn Maine, July 14, Great Falls Model RR Club, Larry Cannon to confirm date.

     Fall- Stratham Fire House, Oct 13, Mike Grahame to confirm date.

     Winter Annual Meeting- either Jan 5 or 12, 2019, in South Portland. Will set an alternate   back up date because of weather problems.


                 Meredith Operations- Dave will host in May


                 Several Train Shows were mentioned. Chip will contact the Owl's Head Museum to find out more information about their spring model show. The NH Directors will determine the best way (if at all) to support the Hocksett NH Train Show.


  1. Maine Model RR Tour for 2018- The Seacoast Div has provided financial support  to the Tour in the past and Chip will be asking for the BOD  for some modest financial support down the road.


  1. Capital Expenditures-  We need a remote control for the Power Point projector. Erich will look into this. Chris Oliver has paid for the Rochester meeting expenses, but would like the Division to pay for refreshments. Glenn will talk to Chris and clarify the amount and the arrangements and get back to the BOD. Erich made a motion to donate $50 for use of today's meeting space at the church. Motion passed.


  1. Financial Audit- This has not been done from 2015-2017. Ralph Brown and Rich Breton have agreed to join Dave K to do the audit.


  1. New Business- The Railpass cost has risen to $19.95, but now for 9 months. The Seacoast Div voted at the last meeting to pay $9.95 for part of the expense. Regular membership is the same price.

Someone suggested having Business cards made for Division members to hand out at shows, etc, that includes basic Division information. Erich will look into particulars for making business cards and provide the BOD with a proposal.

Tage mentioned that switching modules are very popular at shows and that the Seacoast Div should consider building one. James mentioned that the HUB had a surplus, and Larry mentioned that Great Fall MRR Club did too. Tage and Erich will work on this.

  1. Open Discussion- Ralph mentioned that the NMRA has a program that will pay $50 to Divisions which put on programs aiming at member retention. Chip will look into this further.

Tage asked if we should consider giving Gift Plaques for service to the Division. Others suggested a Certificate of Appreciation. Chip will look into the Certificates. The discussion on the plaques was tabled.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas Oxnard, Secretary

Jan 9, 2018