The directors agreed on the topics and no new topics were added.

Standard Reports

  1. Secretary - Minutes from the January 10, 2015 meeting were posted on the web site, Peter made a motion to accept them, Chip seconded, motion passed.
  2. Treasurer - Doug presented the Financial report for the 1st quarter of 2015: there was $285 in income, $118 in expenditures, for a cash ending balance of $6552. The Division is doing well financially. Motion by Peter to accept the report was passed.
  3. Editor - The Switch Tower came out on time thanks to the work of Geoff, Steve, Peter, and Erich. All are happy with the content, as many articles have been submitted. There was discussion about to whom to send notice of the posting online of The Switch Tower: people outside the Division, or to all members of the Northeastern Region.
  4. Membership - Dave said there were 187 members.
  5. Webmaster - The website had lower numbers of hits in the fall, but was back to 600 in January, and is running the same this month. See printed report by Bill. There was discussion about who should be able to contribute or post to the website (Division members, NMRA members, or non-members) if there were to be a forum. Motion by Bill: Membership to the forum will be granted to all NMRA members by request and to all others on a case by case basis on request of the webmaster in consultation with the president. Motion passed.
  6. AP - Mike Grahame, Erich Whitney, and Bob Bennett have submitted applications and are due to receive awards.
  7. President

Motion presented: Resolved, President Erich Whitney is authorized and directed to execute an original or copy of an Entity Authorization form to be submitted to Androscoggin Bank and anyone else requiring a copy, such form to authorize the following to serve as Agents of Seacoast Division NMRA: Douglas A. Hartwell, Treasurer, Thomas J. Coulombe, Director, and Larry S. Cannon, Director. Motion made, seconded, and passed.

An Autism group is interested in having the Seacoast Division NMRA help in hosting an activity at the Dover Children€™s Museum on Oct 4, 2015. Rich Bretton will be contacted.

Erich read a letter thanking Russ Schundler for all his work in creating the brochure for the Railroading Merit Badge Assistance Program to be held at the Heritage Park Railroad Museum in Union, NH. The Board voted that the letter be sent to him on behalf of the Seacoast Division NMRA.

Proposed members of the 2015 Nominating Committee- Tom Oxnard, Chip Faulter, and Peter McKenney. Motion passed. Directors whose terms are ending next year are Larry Cannon, Tom Coulombe, and Mike Grahame.

Progress on program action items-

  1. Finance Oversight Committee - The audit report of the 2014 Fiscal Year Seacoast Division NMRA finances was issued by Larry Cannon via e-mail to the BOD prior to the meeting. A motion to accept the report was made, seconded and approved.
  2. Members - Peter is not able to call members at this time because of other commitments with the Maine Layout Tour and his work on the National Narrow Gauge Convention.
  3. Clubs and Groups - Discussion about having the Seacoast Division organize a Derry Model Railroad Fun Night program at the Great Falls or Concord Model RR Clubs in Auburn or Concord. Space is still not available in Concord. No resolution.
  4. Local Cells - Larry has been communicating with some.
  5. Visibility - Erich feels the Seacoast Division NMRA has been successful through its meetings, The Switch Tower, and the Derry Model Railroad Fun Night. Larry stated that he sees train shows drawing in more families with children to watch the layouts in action, and less for store sales.
  6. Quality services - No discussion

Maine Layout Tour- Will be open to Seacoast Division NMRA members and guests, as well as open to associates and members of the other 12 tour co-sponsors, but not to the public this year for its first trial run.

National Narrow Gauge Convention- 2016, Peter helping to coordinate volunteers and layouts that will be open.

Next meeting- July 18, 2015, Program - Peter

Hooksett Train Show - April 26, Dave will attend. Paul Lessard not available.

Adjourned- 2:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Oxnard, Secretary