The directors agreed on the topics and no new topics were added.

Standard Reports

  1. Secretary - the minutes of the April 11 meeting were published on the Division website (link). Larry moved that they be accepted as published. Motion passed.
  2. Treasurer - Peter moved that the report be accepted as published. Motion passed.  The Treasurer's report has been published in the July issue of The Switch Tower.
  3. Editor - Peter moved that the report be accepted as published. Motion passed.  See attachment #1 below for the Editor's report.
  4. Membership - Peter moved that the report be accepted as published. Motion passed.  See attachment #2 below for the Membership report.
  5. Webmaster - The Dropbox membership that John Tyndall purchased is expiring soon. Tom C. moved to have Bill purchase a new Dropbox, the amount not to exceed $50. Motion passed.  See attachment #3 below for the Webmaster's report.
  6. AP - Larry moved that the report be accepted as published. Motion passed.  The AP report has been published in the July issue of The Switch Tower.
  7. President - Erich announced that he will be starting a 3 year graduate program leading to a Masters in Systems Engineering. He may need volunteers to help with the running of the Division during this time.  Bill Poor will be stepping down from chairing the Derry Fun Night. We are looking for volunteers to help run that program. Tom C moved that the report be accepted. Motion passed.  See Attachment #4 below for the President's report.

Proposal for the Seacoast Division involvement in the 2015 BSA NH Jamboree- to be held Oct 9-11. Erich said that the theme is STEM and the format is activity based. Railroad merit badges will not be awarded. Tom C discussed what activities are already arranged and what are potential possibilities. A motion was made that Erich create an Ad Hoc committee to organize volunteers. Motion passed.

Progress on program action items-

  1. Members - Peter said there was no activity to report.
  2. Clubs and Groups - Several members of the Bedford Boomers came to visit the Great Falls Model Railroad Club and attended our clinics today. Inviting other clubs to our meetings was mentioned.
  3. Local Cells - Larry said that there was no report.
  4. Visibility - Erich said that we continue to support Derry Fun Night and train shows.
  5. Quality services - pecial services in some areas are discussed in Peter's report.

Maine Layout Tour- Peter presented a full update to the group during the clinic portion of our meeting: 13 co-sponsors, multi-gauge layouts of all sizes, dates September19-20, how to register and access the site. Register online: Wear your nametag, plan ahead, and use your GPS.

National Narrow Gauge Convention 2016 update - Peter is working to help organize layout tours and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering you should reserve a slot soon as they are being taken now. Charlie Getz, NMRA president, will be attending.

Next event - Oct 17,2015, at the Stratham Firehouse. The program has been set.

Oct 17,2015, at the Stratham Firehouse. The program has been set.

Adjourned- 2:31 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Oxnard, Secretary

Attachment 1 - Editor's Report

First, please thank Peter McKenney for all his work on the Switch Tower. It would not be possible to get it out without his help. I think I have maintained the standard that John Tyndell had for content if not readability.   It's been getting easier with each issue but I still have tricks to learn. What I could use is two or three articles submitted with modeling content over the next couple of issues. Living in the eastern part of the state puts me at a disadvantage as far as seeing people and bugging them to contribute to the Switch Tower. So, if you all could do that it would be a great help. Thanks to all who have contributed to the Tower in the past and looking forward to the next issue.

Geoff Anthony

Attachment 2 - Membership Report

For Third Quarter 2015 (March, April, May, June)

Total Membership as of Dec. 31, 2014:  183
*Corrected Total Membership as of Feb. 28, 2015:  186
*Corrected Total Membership as of June 30, 2015:  186

March 2015:  5 Re-Rails (renewal after lapse)

April 2015:  1 Re-Rail

May 2015:  2 New Rail Pass memberships, 1 New Full membership, 1 Re-Rail

June 2015:  1 New Rail Pass membership, 1 Re-Rail

Note:  Upon the recommendation of Erich Whitney, 2 complimentary Rail Pass memberships were issued by the Division this quarter.  They went to two individuals who have been regular attendees at the Derry Fun Night.

Report submitted by Dave Sias
Membership Chair
July 15, 2015

*Does not include an NMRA member from CA who is still incorrectly listed on our roster.

Attachment 3 - Webmaster's Report

The Seacoast Division NMRA website ( continues to provide an online presence for the Division in publicizing our goals, programs, events, and the organization.

After a complete rebuild of the website in January 2014, no new additional functionality has been added in the past quarter. The website continues to meets its availability and performance targets with no anomalies noted. After a more
than two years' worth of data, it appears that we have established a consistent level of usage.

Forum software has been identified and installed in a test mode. This software will allow Division members collaborate and share. The final phase of making this software operational is setting up user access. The plan was to have this all
operational by the Spring meeting but the user access part has proven to be a bit more complicated and continues to cause problems. I am constantly receiving requests from users in Russia for access to post... sometimes 100's of
requests a day !

Continuing to track downloads of The Switch Tower newsletter to determine how much this resource is being consumed by website users.

Respectfully submitted on July 17, 2015,
Bill Poor
Seacoast Division NMRA Webmaster

Attachment 4 - President's Report


Seacoast Division NMRA Board of Directors: This quarterly report is light as my personal and professional schedule has been very full and our division activities have been few. Nevertheless, our members have been busy and from what I can see, we are an active division! For those few who have signed up for our Seacoast Division NMRA Facebook page, I'd like to point out a dramatic increase in postings and interesting modeling information. Let's keep this up!

Upcoming Meetings and Activities

Work on the Fall Seacoast Division Quarterly Meeting in Stratham has started.
The Seacoast Division NMRA has been invited to participate in the 2015 NH Boy Scout Jamboree at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Columbus Day weekend in October. I have submitted a proposal to the board for this event.
Switch Tower - The July issue has been assembled by Geoff Anthony with advice and assistance from Peter McKenney and Steve Russo. The editors would appreciate more submissions!

Website - Our web site continues to fill the important role of up to date communications to our members. Thank you Bill for keeping this valuable resource live and up to date.

AP - Our own Tom Oxnard has completed his last AP certificate needed for MMR!

Erich Whitney