The directors agreed on the topics and no new topics were added.

Standard Reports

  1. Secretary - the minutes of the July 18 meeting were published on the Division website (link). Peter McKenney moved that they be accepted as published, Seconded by Larry Cannon. Motion passed.
  2. Treasurer - the report was published in The Switch Tower.  Doug Hartwell said our balance has increased to $7100.  Paul Lessard made a contribution of $71 from the proceeds of sales at the Concord Train Show.  Peter McKenney moved the report be accepted.  Mike Graham second.  Motion passed.
  3. Editor - Geoff Anthony submitted his report via email (see attachment 1 below).  The Switch Tower has been put together by Peter, Geoff and Steve.  Six copies are printed and mailed.  A poll at the meeting showed that most people who were present have read the Switch Tower, but that the online viewing is down.  There was discussion of printing a copy once a year for all members, or sending a printed collection of favorite articles once a year, so as to stimulate more viewing.  No decision.
  4. Membership - Dave Sias' report showed a membership down to 177 from 187 (see attachment 2 below).  Trial memberships are available.  Send the request to Dave Sias.  NMRA and NER memberships are down, too, so Seacoast Division membership decline is consistent.  Peter McKenney moved to accept the report.  Larry Cannone second.  Motion passed.
  5. Webmaster - Bill Poor's report was sent by email (see attachment 3).  He pointed out some recent trends during the meeting and discussion ensued.  Larry Cannon moved to accept it is report. Mike Graham second. Motion passed.
  6. AP -Report was published in The Switch Tower. There is activity in the program from several members..
  7. President - Previously distributed by email (see attachment 4 below).  Erich Whitney addressed the need for volunteers from each Division to share in the NER responsibilities.  Right now Peter McKenney, Chip Faulter, and Bill Poor are serving the NER.  Peter McKenney moved that the report be accepted. Mike Graham second. Motion passed.

Nomination Committee Report - three Director positions are open in January, 2016.  At this time Tom Coulombe, and Larry Cannon have agreed to run for election again.  Dave Sias has also agreed to run for election.  No other candidates have stepped forward to date.  In a poll of Directors, no one has offered to run for President or VP besides Erich Whitney and Chip Faulter. Larry Cannon motioned to accept the report. Paul Lessard second. Motion passed.

Maine Model Railroad Tour - Peter McKenney discussed the success of the Tour during the members meeting.  In his report (see attachment 5 below) he mentions 444 visits to 31 layouts, averaging 16.4 visits/layout.  143 people registered for the Tour, but actual number of participants is still to be determined.  Printing a flyer for the Tour was discussed but the wish for privacy did not allow this.  A follow up meeting will be taking place in the future.

National Narrow Gauge Convention 2016 - Early registrations are ahead of expectations.  Volunteers from the Seacoast Division are still needed to help at the convention and the $99 early registration fee will be refunded for those who volunteer.  In his report (see attachment 6 below) Peter has listed several opportunities for the Division to consider.

Next BOD meeting - November 14, at Mike Grahame's house starting at 9 AM.  The topic will be strategic planning.

Next Quarterly Event - Saturday, January 9, 2016, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, at the First Congregational Church, Church of Christ, South Portland, ME.

Open Discussion - none

Adjourned- 2:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Oxnard, Secretary

Attachment 1 - Editor's Report

Hi All:  Just a brief report on The Switch Tower.  A great issue, with great articles, proof that the division is going in the right direction.  All the credit goes to Peter McKenney.  I was unable to perform my duties as editor as I had some severe back problems and had to have surgery.  However I am on the mend and expect to be able to work on the next issue.  Please remind people that in order to maintain the quality of The Switch Tower that we need articles to publish.  Thanks to Larry Cannon, Tom Oxnard and Chip Faulter for their generous time and support of the Switch Tower.  Special thanks again to Peter for his help and support as well as his great articles.

Geoff Anthony

Attachment 2 - Membership Report

For Third Quarter 2015 (July, August, September)

Total Membership as of Dec. 31, 2014:  183
First quarter 2015:  187
Second quarter 2015:  186
Third quarter 2015:  177

July 2015:  2 new full memberships

August 2015:  0 new memberships

September 2015:  3 Re-Rail memberships

Reminder letters have been sent to all whose memberships expired during this quarter.  These have directly resulted in at least two members re-joining

Report submitted by Dave Sias
Membership Chair
October 17, 2015

Attachment 3 - Webmaster's Report

The Seacoast Division NMRA website ( continues to provide an online presence for the Division in publicizing our goals, programs, events, and the organization.

No new additional functionality has been added in the past quarter. The website continues to meets its availability and performance targets with no anomalies noted.

With this report covering the summer months, the volume of visits to the site appear to be down more than the previous summer and readership of The Switch Tower also is below the normal volume.

Respectfully submitted on October 17, 2015,
Bill Poor
Seacoast Division NMRA Webmaster

Attachment 4 - President's Report


October 17, 2015

Seacoast Division NMRA Board of Directors:

The model railroading season is back in full swing and a lot of things are happening in the Seacoast Division! I am thrilled that the Maine Model Railroad Layout Tour was a huge success. I was only able to get to a few layouts on Sunday but from what I saw this program was spectacular and I think long overdue. Kudos to everyone for making this joint program a success!

Congratulations to Tom Oxnard for achieving his MMR! Tom continues to be an inspiration not only with his incredible modeling but his dedication to the Seacoast Division NMRA.

Planning for the 2016 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Augusta is coming along and this event promises to be much bigger than our own 2013 Laconia convention. I believe our partnership with the NNGC is good strategic move for our division and for the NMRA. I am asking our members to contribute in any way they can to this effort so that we have a good showing and demonstrate our commitment to future of our hobby.

As you know by now, Scooter Youst has stepped down as NER President for personal reasons and NER Vice President, John Doehring, in now acting NER President. In a recent communication to the NER Division Superintendents, John reached out across the region to build a team of 50 volunteers, that's 3-5 members from each division, to share in the region-level responsibilities. The concept behind this request is to have no one person doing too much and to keep the volunteer effort at a reasonable level. I will be addressing this request with you at our special BoD meeting on November 14th for further discussion. I would like the board to recognize that three of our members have already volunteered for NER duty: Peter McKenney NER Treasurer, Chip Faulter NER Secretary, and Bill Poor NER Webmaster.

Respectfully submitted,
Erich Whitney


I am proud of the layout tour that was organized this year. I wish more people had visited some of the 31 layouts, but my colleagues on the organizing committee remind me that this is a first-time event for Maine and it takes time to build up a volume of visitors.   Here are some data:





Layout sites




Number of visits




Average visits per site




Minimum number of visits per site




Maximum number of visits per site




Standard Deviation of visits per site




Number who registered for the Tour: 143. Number who actually visited layouts: TBD   (likely less than half of the registered individuals!)   Several unregistered people also visited, sometimes they were the spouse or relative of a registered visitor, or a friend of the host. Hosts had full discretion on whether to admit non-registered visitors, and I heard no complaints about them.

The organizing committee will analyze the attendance data and submit surveys to all who 1) registered for the tour, including those who did not visit, 2) were layout hosts, and 3) were co-sponsors, to learn their experience and ideas of the Tour. In a month or two, they will reconvene and conclude whether to plan more tours. If so, they will modify the program to take advantage of the feedback received.   Two ideas already mentioned: shift the territory of the tours to involve different layouts and abandon the pre-registration process (although this may discourage some layout owners from participating in the tour). From the many happy comments received so far, it is likely that the Tour will occur again next year.

Seven of the ten members of the organizing committee are Seacoast Division NMRA members. Thirteen of the layouts in this Tour were owned by NMRA members. The Division played a pivotal role in conceptualizing, planning, supporting, and implementing the Tour. Several of the 17 other co-sponsors also played heavy roles. Great Falls Model Railroad Club, MaiNe Track, Maine 3-Railers, and Maine Narrow Gauge were very involved in many aspects.   In summary, this was a successful, collaborative effort and credit should go to all 18 co-sponsors.

Peter McKenney
Oct. 14, 2015



The website became fully operational once the convention in Houston ended on Sept. 5. Early registrations are ahead of expectations, although vendor registrations (number of tables) are slightly below expectations, particularly from vendors based on the west coast. Seacoast Division NMRA has been pulling its share of the load by lining up layouts to visit and recruiting volunteers. More work in these areas will be done over the next couple of months. Everyone should visit the website to learn about the clinics and tours of narrow gauge facilities and museums that will be offered. Hotel reservations are also going quickly. At least one hotel is already fully booked.

The Division has opportunities to pursue or consider:

  1. Make a good presence in the vendor hall by adequately staffing the Division's complimentary display table, hopefully with some representatives from NMRA national. There are six slots that the vendor room is open:






8:30 am to noon

8:30 am to noon

8:30 am to noon

6:30 to 9:30 pm

6:30 to 9:30 pm

6:30 to 9:30 pm


If two people can be assigned to each time slot, they would have chances to take breaks and also visit the other vendors.

  1. Publish an ad in the convention handbook, welcoming the convention-goers to Seacoast Division NMRA territory.
  2. Arrange an event with Charlie Getz and his wife while they are in Maine. I communicated with Charlie several months ago, but he was preoccupied with foreign travel plans. I hope that Erich as President now could converse with Charlie to see what might be arranged. Perhaps arrange a special Seacoast Division NMRA event at the GFMRR Club prior to or just after the convention to give NMRA members a chance to meet him.
  3. Market the Convention heavily to Division members so that they take advantage of this great opportunity to see great modeling, AND to volunteer to offset the early registration fee.